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This page is meant to present and reference the RELMIN collection. This collection is available at the MSH Ange-Guépin Centre de Documentation. References can be borrowed through the PEB (Prêt Entre Bibliothèques). The collection holds over a hundred books and journals dealing with the subject of religions in the Middle Ages.

Presentation of the Online Database

Manuscrit Grec en ancienne écriture cursive, papyrus, daté de 545 après JC, source British Museum - Wikimedia commons






The database consists of original texts (Latin, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, etc.), translations into English and French, notes and commentaries, and a bibliography. It constitutes an important tool for research concerning the history of European and Mediterranean laws about pagan, Jewish, Muslim, and Christian minorities, and the history of interfaith relations. The original manuscripts are scattered in archives and libraries throughout Europe for most of them. They are now collected on the electronic database published by our partner, l'Institut de Recherches et d'Histoire des Textes (IRHT) on the web plateform Telma.

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The RELMIN research team regularly publishes articles and books — either collectively or individually — as well as conference proceedings. This page contains a regularly updated list of publications and communications. Some of these publications are available on the HAL-SHS platform, where you can download the papers freely.

RELMIN also has its own book series, Religion and Law in Medieval Christian and Muslim Societies, published by Brepols.



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This section contains a list of references on the subject of religious minorities. Entries are sorted by theme and geographical era.

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